Car Rental

Quick Details

  • Five seats
  • Free mileage
  • Full tank
  • Included: GPS, third-party insurance, collision damage waiver (Excess NOK 10000)
Car Rental

Discover Olden on board one of our cars!

If you’re visiting Olden for a day and want to see as much as you can, our car rentals are the best transportation option. Rent a car during your stay in Olden and enjoy the freedom to explore the town at your own pace.

There is so much to see in Olden, from stunning glaciers to breathtaking fjords. By car, you have time to visit several attractions in one day. Visit Briksdal Glacier and take in its famous turquoise waters, drive to the viewpoints and witness the amazing views of fjords, lakes, and waterfalls, and get to know the town in your own time. Our easy and convenient car rentals are the best way to get a vehicle for the day and discover the beauty of Olden at your leisure.

We are happy to give you guidance on where to go and what to see. GPS is included.

What to Bring

  • Driver’s license